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Make body Huamao Center store elegant opening

Make body Huamao Center store elegant opening
In December 13, 2010, Beijing world brands gathering -- China trade shopping center, China ushered in the high-end health body underwear brand Make body (Mark Bronte) grand opening.

On opening day, the National Women's Federation Development Minister Cui Weiyan, Chinese Clothing Association vice secretary general Yan, well-known actress Yan Ni, "health fashion" editor-in-chief assistant publisher Sun Yajun and China trade shopping center general manager Xu Jingtao have come women's canvas messenger bag, for the Make body Huamao Center store opening ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Make body brands enter China trade shopping center, not only for the China Trade Center has injected new vitality, the unveiling of the Make body brand into the Beijing channel new chapter in high-end department stores, but also from another side of the high-end brand positioning and a good momentum of development.

Make body advocated "healthy body culture", in a healthy way to gradually improve the shape curve, enhance their charm.In addition to pay attention to healthy women with physical maintenance, Make body also did not forget to breast disease patients with the dedication of love.
In October 26th this year, the brand to "fashion health" magazine, boosting Pink Ribbon commonweal action once a year, in the pink grand ceremony for the national breast cancer rehabilitation of female free donation just milk bra, won the high recognition and a female friend.
The similarly to women's health care is the responsibility of the "health fashion" assistant publisher and editor-in-chief of lady Sun Yajun Yan Ni together with the scene and share a healthy body is the topic, I hope more female friends can pay attention to their own breast health, as well as the body maintenance.
To be a mature enterprise, charm elegant successful women.In recognition of Ms. Yan Ni on pink ribbon and female breast health support Canvas messenger bag blue, "health fashion" as Yan Ni issued a pink ribbon commonweal project promotion award.

Indeed, care for women is not a slogan, it is not a move, is the need of social all circles have long been concerned about the public events.Make body will be as in the past will this cause love what.

Makebody stands for "healthy body" concept, in accordance with international underwear industry standards for design and production of high-end fashion health body underwear brand.The production process of female body structure of in-depth research, inherited the classic, ensure product tailoring and physical details of the agreement.
Design on the grasp of the details, showing the Oriental female implicitly, the sense of the times and aesthetic interest, establish a "health, taste, natural" brand personality.
Christmas is coming, bring your friends, family, a Make body enjoy only belongs to your intimate services!December 4, 2010 - 26 days, in-store promotion "Bloom 'gift' extraordinary charm in" opening the preferential activity.
Value Pack great gift for you to take!This winter blue small cross-body bag, one up to experience the most personal tender care!
Make body Huamao store address: Beijing Chaoyang West Road No. 6 China trade center two layer L214
Around the brand store, stores more concessions such as you enjoy, details please shop experience, or call the Advisory: 010-89453102
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