Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Double anti old Na Lu Lu Binghua Youth Activating series listing

Along with the growth of the age ,the skin and the physiology of ageing domestic trouble and foreign invasion speed ,aging care included age ,hormones ,endocrine and other natural irresistible physiological changes ,causing metabolic hasten delay ;aging foreign aggression has 90% principal factor comes from the aging ,is omnipresent in the ultraviolet, as long as there is the presence of UV skin all the time in to aging stride .
relationresultThe skinof the original is a muscle of matrix metalloproteinase ( Matrix metalloproteinases ) Canvas satchel grey,MMPs ,it will damage the collagen ,elastin ,fibronectin and other extracellular matrix and basement membrane components caused by fracture ,once these proteins can not effectively support ,will appear wrinkles ,relaxation and other signs of aging .
And the sun ,can stimulate human body special three MMPS ( MMPs1 ,MMPs3 ,MMPs9 ,MMPs ) to lose balance ,when the damage is too big for freshmen, wrinkles ,aging signs generated thereon .
Yes ,90%aging phenomenon caused by uv !relationresultPreciouslupine protein luxury added ,effective prevention of photoaging . relationresultNARUKOrook founder Niu Er teacher ,in a late winter cold journey, accidentally found a place in the wild mountain dry readily blooming lupine, surprised the hardy ,compressive properties ;an in depth understanding after learning ,lupine has strong energy ,in the cold still shine with vitality ,and lupine greater contribution is fading into the best fertilizer for tea .
For the achievements of others ,lupines strong vitality to create the most natural nutrients ,among them mystery attract teacher Niu Er in-depth study of its characteristics .relationresultStudy afterNiu Er found ,lupine protein is a very effective anti-wrinkle plant peptides ,early European for healing and repairing treatment .
The multiple repair function can make skin show vitality elasticity, maintain young compact lines .Experiments confirmed ,lupine protein ,has the effect of inhibiting the activity of MMPs outstanding function ,can effectively prevent ultraviolet light aging causes ;and lupine protein added the higher concentration ,bad protease MMPs activity is lower ,even just add 0.
004% can also be seen .relationresult250 times the effectiveratio of added the industry anti-aging series , relationresultNiu Er thendeveloped the industry NARUKO Na rook lupines Youth Activating series ,and the luxury of the lupine protein added to 1% of the high concentration ,which is more effective in proportion to 250 times more;this series of selected from France ,the global optimum of lupine seed ,extract out the most precious lupine ( Lupinus protein name as lupine ,is also common in Europe and the United States and Japanese brands discount black canvas bags,but because of the high costs ,usually only by a few added as product added value composition ) .
Beautiful youth activating series luxury to lupine protein as main component elements, with a high concentration to inhibit bad protease MMPs activity, make new greater than that of damage degree ,active DNA protection from harmful UV rays ,the skin completely away from the light aging .
relationresultThe top 3formulathe highest CP value anti-aging products , relationresultNiu Er proand NARUKO gel can be launched a new high anti-aging lupines Youth Activating series ,a fusion of 3 major formula :relationresultDepartmentclass formula :effective against aging of lupine protein extraction ;French white truffle is rich in amino acids ,minerals ,trace elements and a variety of carbohydrate derivatives can nourish skin ,bright ,fight ageing resistance ;a variety of rare old nano platinum mens canvas tote bag,gold nanoparticle compositions ,and can make skin absorption unimpeded access of precious metal ,Amethyst ,retain moisture ,capture free radicals ,indeed of old .
.relationresultThe U.S. medicalgrade formula :three four five six a variety of peptides ,can cooperate with collagen ,for facial wrinkles precision parts ,to maintain the young firm ,for skin rejuvenation road shop .
relationresultSalonclass formula :one kilogram of 50000 dollars forthe orange flower essential oil ,smell fresh ,can effectively relieve physical and mental relaxation ,aromatherapy and effect .
relationresultBeautiful youth activating series add a variety of effective top components :relationresultSkinlongevity factor called the sea fennel ,containing coenzyme Q10 ,vitamin A ,E ,K ,conditioning the skin oil-water balance ,make skin anti-aging and repair ,comparable to those of plant stem cell .
relationresultNatural plant estrogensoybean extract ,collagen can cooperate ,can improve the pigment accumulation whitening .relationresultNARUKOexclusive patent Phytoferulin components ,including 11by FranceECOCERT certified organic enrichment plant extracts ,can give the skin defense force and vitality of health .


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