Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Make body Huamao Center store elegant opening

Make body Huamao Center store elegant opening
In December 13, 2010, Beijing world brands gathering -- China trade shopping center, China ushered in the high-end health body underwear brand Make body (Mark Bronte) grand opening.

On opening day, the National Women's Federation Development Minister Cui Weiyan, Chinese Clothing Association vice secretary general Yan, well-known actress Yan Ni, "health fashion" editor-in-chief assistant publisher Sun Yajun and China trade shopping center general manager Xu Jingtao have come women's canvas messenger bag, for the Make body Huamao Center store opening ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Make body brands enter China trade shopping center, not only for the China Trade Center has injected new vitality, the unveiling of the Make body brand into the Beijing channel new chapter in high-end department stores, but also from another side of the high-end brand positioning and a good momentum of development.

Make body advocated "healthy body culture", in a healthy way to gradually improve the shape curve, enhance their charm.In addition to pay attention to healthy women with physical maintenance, Make body also did not forget to breast disease patients with the dedication of love.
In October 26th this year, the brand to "fashion health" magazine, boosting Pink Ribbon commonweal action once a year, in the pink grand ceremony for the national breast cancer rehabilitation of female free donation just milk bra, won the high recognition and a female friend.
The similarly to women's health care is the responsibility of the "health fashion" assistant publisher and editor-in-chief of lady Sun Yajun Yan Ni together with the scene and share a healthy body is the topic, I hope more female friends can pay attention to their own breast health, as well as the body maintenance.
To be a mature enterprise, charm elegant successful women.In recognition of Ms. Yan Ni on pink ribbon and female breast health support Canvas messenger bag blue, "health fashion" as Yan Ni issued a pink ribbon commonweal project promotion award.

Indeed, care for women is not a slogan, it is not a move, is the need of social all circles have long been concerned about the public events.Make body will be as in the past will this cause love what.

Makebody stands for "healthy body" concept, in accordance with international underwear industry standards for design and production of high-end fashion health body underwear brand.The production process of female body structure of in-depth research, inherited the classic, ensure product tailoring and physical details of the agreement.
Design on the grasp of the details, showing the Oriental female implicitly, the sense of the times and aesthetic interest, establish a "health, taste, natural" brand personality.
Christmas is coming, bring your friends, family, a Make body enjoy only belongs to your intimate services!December 4, 2010 - 26 days, in-store promotion "Bloom 'gift' extraordinary charm in" opening the preferential activity.
Value Pack great gift for you to take!This winter blue small cross-body bag, one up to experience the most personal tender care!
Make body Huamao store address: Beijing Chaoyang West Road No. 6 China trade center two layer L214
Around the brand store, stores more concessions such as you enjoy, details please shop experience, or call the Advisory: 010-89453102
Online: http: / / www.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Double anti old Na Lu Lu Binghua Youth Activating series listing

Along with the growth of the age ,the skin and the physiology of ageing domestic trouble and foreign invasion speed ,aging care included age ,hormones ,endocrine and other natural irresistible physiological changes ,causing metabolic hasten delay ;aging foreign aggression has 90% principal factor comes from the aging ,is omnipresent in the ultraviolet, as long as there is the presence of UV skin all the time in to aging stride .
relationresultThe skinof the original is a muscle of matrix metalloproteinase ( Matrix metalloproteinases ) Canvas satchel grey,MMPs ,it will damage the collagen ,elastin ,fibronectin and other extracellular matrix and basement membrane components caused by fracture ,once these proteins can not effectively support ,will appear wrinkles ,relaxation and other signs of aging .
And the sun ,can stimulate human body special three MMPS ( MMPs1 ,MMPs3 ,MMPs9 ,MMPs ) to lose balance ,when the damage is too big for freshmen, wrinkles ,aging signs generated thereon .
Yes ,90%aging phenomenon caused by uv !relationresultPreciouslupine protein luxury added ,effective prevention of photoaging . relationresultNARUKOrook founder Niu Er teacher ,in a late winter cold journey, accidentally found a place in the wild mountain dry readily blooming lupine, surprised the hardy ,compressive properties ;an in depth understanding after learning ,lupine has strong energy ,in the cold still shine with vitality ,and lupine greater contribution is fading into the best fertilizer for tea .
For the achievements of others ,lupines strong vitality to create the most natural nutrients ,among them mystery attract teacher Niu Er in-depth study of its characteristics .relationresultStudy afterNiu Er found ,lupine protein is a very effective anti-wrinkle plant peptides ,early European for healing and repairing treatment .
The multiple repair function can make skin show vitality elasticity, maintain young compact lines .Experiments confirmed ,lupine protein ,has the effect of inhibiting the activity of MMPs outstanding function ,can effectively prevent ultraviolet light aging causes ;and lupine protein added the higher concentration ,bad protease MMPs activity is lower ,even just add 0.
004% can also be seen .relationresult250 times the effectiveratio of added the industry anti-aging series , relationresultNiu Er thendeveloped the industry NARUKO Na rook lupines Youth Activating series ,and the luxury of the lupine protein added to 1% of the high concentration ,which is more effective in proportion to 250 times more;this series of selected from France ,the global optimum of lupine seed ,extract out the most precious lupine ( Lupinus protein name as lupine ,is also common in Europe and the United States and Japanese brands discount black canvas bags,but because of the high costs ,usually only by a few added as product added value composition ) .
Beautiful youth activating series luxury to lupine protein as main component elements, with a high concentration to inhibit bad protease MMPs activity, make new greater than that of damage degree ,active DNA protection from harmful UV rays ,the skin completely away from the light aging .
relationresultThe top 3formulathe highest CP value anti-aging products , relationresultNiu Er proand NARUKO gel can be launched a new high anti-aging lupines Youth Activating series ,a fusion of 3 major formula :relationresultDepartmentclass formula :effective against aging of lupine protein extraction ;French white truffle is rich in amino acids ,minerals ,trace elements and a variety of carbohydrate derivatives can nourish skin ,bright ,fight ageing resistance ;a variety of rare old nano platinum mens canvas tote bag,gold nanoparticle compositions ,and can make skin absorption unimpeded access of precious metal ,Amethyst ,retain moisture ,capture free radicals ,indeed of old .
.relationresultThe U.S. medicalgrade formula :three four five six a variety of peptides ,can cooperate with collagen ,for facial wrinkles precision parts ,to maintain the young firm ,for skin rejuvenation road shop .
relationresultSalonclass formula :one kilogram of 50000 dollars forthe orange flower essential oil ,smell fresh ,can effectively relieve physical and mental relaxation ,aromatherapy and effect .
relationresultBeautiful youth activating series add a variety of effective top components :relationresultSkinlongevity factor called the sea fennel ,containing coenzyme Q10 ,vitamin A ,E ,K ,conditioning the skin oil-water balance ,make skin anti-aging and repair ,comparable to those of plant stem cell .
relationresultNatural plant estrogensoybean extract ,collagen can cooperate ,can improve the pigment accumulation whitening .relationresultNARUKOexclusive patent Phytoferulin components ,including 11by FranceECOCERT certified organic enrichment plant extracts ,can give the skin defense force and vitality of health .


Monday, April 16, 2012

The high-end fashion silk dress brand Axelledesoie is about to debut in Shanghai

Fusion Italy avant-garde design art and French romantic amorous feelings, to the highest quality standard of Oriental silk, strong infiltration of art culture of high-end fashion silk dress brand Axelledesoie is about to land in Shanghai, will be comfortable, romantic fashion, simple innovation of refined style experience to you.

Axelledesoie to the superior natural silk as a symbol of the brand, to the global fashion trends, is committed to the distinctive artistic design, unique aesthetic contour lines, the most popular element khaki Canvas waist pack, excellent technology, extraordinary creativity and modern fashion life style get along swimmingly with each other, for the modern city female noble, elegant quality of life writing fashion.

Axelledesoie each series contains art design charm essence, from the summer light flowing silk shirt, skirt, dress, to the thickness of a knit tops, jumpsuit, sweaters, jackets and coats, from materials to color, from the style to the details, silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, hemp, regeneration fiber and so on more than 20 kinds of fabrics combined to obtain a perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics, unique design aesthetic and practical products can be fully reflected.
Sections of trendy clothes, contained in the romantic style 15.4 canvas messenger bag reviews, simple lines and was in origin, charm, not only for urban women feel cozy and comfortable life, to bring them to sophisticated, innovative art enjoyment.

In November 12, 2011, Shanghai Jingan District No. 1618 Nanjing West Road Jiuguang Department Store on the third floor Axelledesoie flagship store Me And My Bag Canvas, invite you to join the fashion and celebrity in Axelledesoie


Thursday, April 12, 2012

ESMOD Beijing straddling the interpretation of French fashion

Color suit with canvas shoes?Hip hop band fashion show?When the mix of the term became popular but not for people to understand, a stylised fashion music collaboration to meet the fashion enthusiasts brought a pure mix gluttonous dinner, a perfect show of hip hop music and hip hop fashion charm.

Late on March 20, 2010, the French ESMOD senior fashion art college and from France, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium's four band brings together a "March fashion glutton" music festival.France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Tunisia, Poland, Morocco and dozens of countries embassy embassy or senior officials came to watch a performance.

19: 30, in the Belgian musician Labiur dynamic and passionate singing, 30 wearing candy colored suit, wearing beads, wearing shorts, foot color shoes beautiful models the shuttle in the crowd.No shoes, no regular T Taiwan, no unreachable distance, models with relaxed pace and free to extend the body language interpretation of the French fashion casual and charm, also lit a moment the scene audience's passion, to bring the message of spring.

It is reported, this show all by ESMOD at Beijing the second grade students independent design and production, they draw inspiration from hip-hop music, with this year's popular candy color as the color design of the balance of fifty lady suits.
These suits in the profile on a bold breakthrough in the traditional suit style, unique shape, many fashion joined the wide shoulder, zippers and other spring fashion element.And accessories mix is a major feature, strong suit and color canvas shoes combination of bold, reflect the extraordinary taste, many viewers expressed the hope that this suit and colored socks mix wind brings a breath of spring.

Then black messenger sling bag for girls, from Switzerland TRIP IN plain canvas bags cheap, Canada SAMIAN, and France's AL K TRAXX will perform atmosphere to a climax, the scene atmosphere, after the end of the show, there are also many folk combination to exhibit elegant demeanour.

According to the organizers, the show was for the fifteenth French activity Festival Closing ceremony, by the alliance francaise de Beijing, Beijing ESMOD fashion art college, Embassy of Switzerland, the Canadian Embassy, Embassy of Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels delegation), Quebec Embassy Office, etude g Paris French Hair Design Salon, Wei Kaisi cultural dissemination agencies for their support, free for all French lovers.
According to the exhibition organizers said, French festival aims to promote cultural exchange and fusion, ESMOD Beijing teacher also specially in March 24th, 25, respectively, in the French cultural center and ESMOD at Beijing for free public offering two interactive workshops white Simple messenger bag for women, revealing the fashion show fashion production process.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Very fashionable leather cowboy mix operation

Leatherwear and furs?Too expensive!Cowboy?Too casual!The fur cowboy what would be the effect?Two different style single product mix, nature makes you become fashionable very!
Soft purple gray fur with young shallow cowboy abnormal color harmony.

Diamond Earrings Van Cleef Arpels purple gray fur shawl AndyTh mountains - Anhfrom North America Fur Association blue denim shirt Zara gray cloth strap dress Diesel Beige boots MiuMiu Martine Wester Pearl Necklace
Fur jeans with suspenders mix, weakening the fur gorgeous feeling while increasing jeans fashion sense.

Deep purple fur coat Salvatore Ferragamo denim Jumpsuit Miss Sixty Gold Diamond decorative heels Cesare Paciotti metal chain necklace Coach
The large fur coat increased body contour, and the lower part of the body short denim skirt formed sharp contour contrast.

A white vest red Diesel fur jacket Bally black long, thin belt Fendi denim skirt Guess printing pantyhose Beige decorative metal chain Marni Flying Scissors Satchel
Black leather hat made with more complete set of boots, jeans is popular nowadays one of the law.

Light blue jeans Guess Mens plaid shirt Diesel gold decorative black cloth coat canvas business tote bag pack beige, boots, leather hat Chanel long Bally gold chain metal color bag Bally
Street sense of casual pants with a gorgeous diamond necklace, plus a little fur mix, let the match more interesting.

Blue grey frock jumpsuits Diesel white Long Knit MMM from I.T Jefen by Frankie Fur Vest Red Rose lace corset Diesel Martine Wester Dragonfly Necklace
Gorgeous decorative leather satchel adds bull-puncher collocation fashion sense.

Cowboy vest Miss Sixty black suspender skirt Vivienne Westwood black fur studded shoe DIANE von FURSTENBERG fur chain bag, leather hat All from Chanel Miu Miu dark striped stockings
Jean jackets, boots coffee Messenger satchel, jackets, leather fur coat, the handsome to the end.

Red plaid shirt Diesel denim jacket System black fur jacket Gucci black skirt DIANE von FURSTENBERG Cesare Paciotti black long Boots Black Bracelet, Pearl Brooch all from Chanel Van Cleef Arpels diamond ring
Suit plain denim texture and coat of fur combination canvas tote backpack, coupled with the skirt a little sense of nation printing dot, with more sense of hierarchy.

Black sweater DKNY cowboy suit jacket Jefen by Frankie DIANE von FURSTENBERG black miniskirt fur coat Marni metal brooch, black leather hat all from Chanel Miu Miu dark stripe Stockings Black Leather


Spring accessories popular keywords flower Hai Rui Winston new New York metropolitan series

Mixed material decorative flower bracelet Oscar de la Renta
Abstract lines or ideation symbol has not endorsed this season, this is the nature of the recovery wholesale canvas tote, only the most original form to express the new journey full of vigour, spring also only beautiful flowers can be in the fashion circle opened everywhere.
Every Hai Rui Winston jewelry designers and technology division, from the nature, architecture, culture and life inspiration canvas backpack wholesaler, through the one and only jewelry vocabulary, re-interpretation of deduction, tells a touching story.
Uphold the eternal traditional adhere to new unique design cheap canvas tote bag, Hai Rui Winston Series in New York, to show to the people.
New York Collection New York will be series of tribute to New York the city's story, unique image, the vigor and characteristic, show Hai Rui Winston's unique interpretation, describes the moving story.
Both are extremely rare lotus corundum (Padparadscha) depicted are romantic Yu Xia Sunset series; diamond outline Guggenheim Museum Guggenheim Museum series amazing spiral building outline; or is never stop will be the Nightlife series of dazzling light to blue sapphire; painted River Rivers series, or show emerald grass Central Park Central Park series, New York Collection New York will series uses the rare precious stones color, with the city a Hua jing.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Will Cello Lessons Be Easy for Beginners

Will Cello Lessons Be Easy for Beginners

The Cello is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world mens Adventure daypack distressed mens backpack purse khaki, however not everyone takes up Cello because they fear it is a difficult instrument to learn. In truth, children can start to learn the Cello as early as 3 or 4 years of age messenger bag backpack khaki, although some Singapore cello teachers will not take children until they reach the age of 6-8.In fact, many Singapore cello teachers decide to use the Suzuki method when teaching the Cello, although some prefer to teach a combination of traditional method and the Suzuki. The Suzuki method is preferred by more people because it deals with more natural ways of learning the instrument that relies more on sight and sound abilities of the student.The Cello is made in different sizes precisely so this can be done. The instrument comes in �, �, � and full size. It is best to start to learn the Cello at an early age, although older people can also learn this instrument, but may not progress as fast or as far as a child will.Learning to play the Cello is much like learning to play the violin, however the fingerboard of the Cello does not have any markings so it is a little more difficult to learn where to place the fingers. Lessons about finger positions demand a little more patience from all involved.It is much easier for children to learn to play the Cello as they have more patience to repeat simple tunes like "Twinkle Twinkle little star" over and over again mini canvas bags wholesale, whereas an adult would quickly become bored with such musical pieces.Another great advantage that children have in learning the cello is that their brains are still very malleable so they can easily find that needed control of both arms at the same time. One arm to handle the bow, with the other working the fingerboards. It is said that to attain this brain has to work both hemispheres.The most difficult and the most important part of the Cello that should be mastered is the Bow. When you learn to adequately use the bow you can bring out the resonance and the sound even when playing softly.This skill is embraced naturally by the children, particularly those that are learning under the Suzuki method. They exercise both hemispheres of the brain when they play.As a child they become used to the instrument and develop the strength necessary to control the Cello and draw the bow out evenly. Those scratchy tones and flat pitch are caused by the uneven movement of the bow.In conclusion, learning to play the Cello, as any other instrument, is not simple, however it can be pleasant, relaxing, and entertaining. Children adapt well to it and with parental help enjoy even the beginning practice pieces where an adult may easily become board with the practice tones. Children don't expect to play a sonata the first time they pick up the instrument. They just expect to have fun learning and being in a class with other children.

The Cello is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world, however not everyone takes up Cello because they fear it is a difficult instrument to learn. In truth men's coin purse, children can start to learn the Cello as early as 3 or 4 years of age, although some Singapore cello teachers will not take children until they reach the age of 6-8.